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Consent for Sinus lift

Sinus lift surgery is performed in conjunction with the placement of dental implants in order to create the necessary amount of bone needed for implant placement. A sinus lift is performed to return the level of the sinus floor to a height that will be adequate for implant placement. The surgery will require placement of either a bone substitute, autogenous (my own) bone, or a mixture of the two in order to achieve the added bone height needed for dental implants.


The surgery is performed with gum incisions in the back upper jaw. Once the sinus is entered, the sinus membrane will be elevated intact and the bone graft placed to lift and create a new sinus floor. Stitches will then be used to secure the gum tissue and care must be taken to allow for healing. I understand that use of tobacco during the healing period will decrease my chances of a successful sinus lift and bone healing and my also increase my chances of infection.


Postoperative discomfort should be expected as well as a degree of swelling over the cheek that varies for each patient. Occasionally, there may be some bloody discharge from the nose. I understand that it is important for the grafted bone to heal without infection and I agree to refrain from nose blowing and straw use for 10 days after the procedure. Sneezing should be done with the mouth open. I understand that the postoperative home regimen is important for uncomplicated healing.


It has been explained to me that there are certain inherent risks in any surgical treatment and that in this specific instance such treatment risks include, but are not limited to:

  • Infection and/or rejection of grafted bone resulting in inadequate bone volume for dental
    implant placement
  • Symptoms of sinusitis which are usually temporary, but may be rarely permanent
  • Graft migration which may necessitate graft removal
  • Excessive bleeding

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