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Many of us, including myself, have gone through the “metal mouth”stage in our adolescence by wearing metal bands and brackets with traditional orthodontics to straighten our teeth. After two or more years of picking the remnants of our meals out of the brackets and wires, our teeth became amazingly straight, and happy to have the shiny accessories removed. Retainers are handed to us to hold that position, and in our most responsible teenage years, we dutifully wear them to keep years of work from shifting. Well….if you were anything like me, the retainer wearing became less and less over time….and the shifting of my teeth increased little by little.

Now what? Most of us would probably like to pass on wearing the shiny metal again. Invisalign is a great solution to the crowding and shifting that has occurred after orthodontic treatment. After a consultation to verify that you are an Invisalign candidate, molds of your teeth will be made and a treatment plan will be devised. Once your Invisalign trays are ready, we will see you again to begin your treatment. The video below can help explain the Invisalign process as well.

Invisalign Video

If you have ever desired straighter teeth, come visit us for a consultation! As always, we will also do a complimentary custom whitening treatment when you have completed your Invisalign case…the final touch for a straighter and whiter smile!



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